Una reunión en la terraza

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Una reunión en la terraza
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Pablo Elías

Playlist #38

01. Showtime (Kormac)
02. I’ve Got That Tune (Chinese Man)
03. Deep Henderson (Nick Hollywood)
04. Don’t Be That Way (G-Swing)
05. Akkordeon Hipsters (Sound Nomaden)
06. Maniac (Caravan Palace)
07. Peas And Rice (Swing Republic feat. Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing)
08. The Jacking Piano (Incontrol)
09. I’m Leaving
(Swing Republic)
10. Booty Swing (Parov Stelar)

11. Jolie Coquine (Caravan Palace)
12. Sing Sing Sing (Enzo Siffredi Edit) (Jazzbit)
13. Clash (Caravan Palace)
14. Catgroove
(Parov Stelar)
15. New York 1950
(Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup)
16. La Voix Humane (G-Swing feat. Le Major Melon)
17. Jimmy’s Gang (Parov Stelar)
18. Swing Swing
(Nicolas Repac)
19. Twenty Long Years (G-Swing)
20. On The Downbeat (Swing Republic)

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