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Esteban Ibarra

Playlist #44

01. Das Mädchen Aus Rottweil (Die Toten Hosen)
02. Alabama Song (The Doors)
03. My Generation (The Who)
04. Le Di Sol (Catupecu Machu)
05. Cuanta Cerveza (Attaque 77)
06. Canción De Amor (2 minutos)
07. Más Feliz Que La Mierda (Flema)
08. She’s A Sensation (The Ramones)
09. Walk This Way (Aerosmith)
10. Stiff Upper Lip (AC/DC)

11. You Could Be Mine (Guns N Roses)
12. Your Mama Don’t Dance
13. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
14. No Fun (The Stooges)
15. Cocaine
16. Gimme All Your Lovin (ZZ Top)
17. Manic Depression
(Jimy Hendrix)
18. Whisky In A Jar
(Thin Lizzy)
19. Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
20. Because The Night (Patti Smith)

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